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Hit - Flying & Insect Killer

Every person dreams to achieve that one aim in his/her life. Even a single opportunity of realizing ..

89.00 ₹

HIT Anti Roach Gel

The gel has special ingredients which attracts cockroaches. On consumption of the gel, cockroaches d..

125.00 ₹

Mortein - Deep Reach Green Coil

Mortein PowerGard 10hrs Coil starts working instantly and reaches nooks and corners. It is effective..

25.00 ₹

Mortein - Nature Guard Mosquito Killer Spray

This fresh-smelling spray is ideal for shooting down flies, mosquitoes and other flying pests that i..

92.00 ₹

Mortein - Powergard Coil Red

A powerful coil with a unique hexagonal shape which is thicker at corners and releases power booster..

31.00 ₹

Mortein - Powergard Rat Kill Cake

Indias No. 1 Rat kill cake. It contains powerful anti- coagulants(Bromadiolone)that can kill rodents..

40.00 ₹

Odomos - Mosquito Repellant Cream

During early summers and during and after the rainy season, mosquitoes breed in large numbers. Not o..

0.00 ₹