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Jams & Spreads

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Kissam Orange Marmalade

A powerhouse of taste and health, the Kissan Orange Marmalade is not just a blend of freshly grown..

50.00 ₹

Kissan Chilli Tomato Sauce

Say hello to a tangy tiffin meal! With each bite of a cheese sandwich paired with this ketchup, it..

48.00 ₹

Kissan Mango Jam

Craving for the sweet aam ka taste when it isn’t the mango season? Look no further! Made from 100%..

50.00 ₹

kissan Sweet & Spicy Sauce

To arrive at a break-even point when you’re unsure if you are digging sweet or spicy, this ketchup..

51.00 ₹

Mixed Fruit Jam

This one’s a delicious blend of fine fruits. A medley of flavours from the pulp of Banana, Papaya,..

50.00 ₹

Top Jams- Apple

The Tops Magic Moments bouquet of goodies is the outcome of our ceaseless efforts, to appeal to the ..

95.00 ₹