Baby Oils & Baby Utilities

Baby Oils & Baby Utilities

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Dabur Gripe Water

Dabur Gripe Water contains ingredients like Sarjikakshara and Mishreya tail, which are very us..

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Dabur Janma Ghunti

Dabur Janma Ghunti, an Ayurvedic medicine, plays a dual role in all-round growth of infants. ..

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Dabur Lal Tail

Dabur Lal Tail is an Ayurvedic Baby massage oil made from time tested ayurvedic ingredients which ..

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Himalaya Baby Lotion

Himalaya Baby Lotion - A natural moisturizerWhat it does:Himalaya’s Baby Lotion h..

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Himalaya Baby Massage Oil

Daily massage with Himalaya’s Baby Massage Oil helps in improving baby's growth and deve..

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Himalaya Babycare Gift Series (Basket)

Contents:     Baby Cream 50 ml     Baby Massage Oil 100 ml   ..

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Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath

Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath - Bath-time, made natural!What it does:Himalaya’s Gentle Baby Bath&n..

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Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo

Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo - Hair kept so softHimalaya’s Gentle Baby Shampoo formu..

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Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap

Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap - Especially for baby's gentle skinHimalaya's Gentle Baby Soap&..

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Himalaya Nourishing Baby Soap

Himalaya Nourishing Baby Soap - Gentle nourishment for baby's sensitive skinHimalaya's&..

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Himalaya Refreshing Baby Soap

Himalaya Refreshing Baby Soap - Keeps baby's skin cool and freshHimalaya's Refresh..

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Johnson Blossoms Baby Soap

Enriched with 1/4th baby lotion Clinically proven mild Best for baby..

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JOHNSON'S Baby Lotion

We love babies.And we understand that babies’ delicate skin needs gentle care to keep it perfectly b..

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We love babies.And we understand babies have delicate skin, which can lose moisture faster than adul..

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JOHNSON'S Baby Oil Gel with Blossoms

We love babies.And we understand how to soothe, protect and moisturise babysoft skin. That’s why our..

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Johnson's Baby Shampoo

This mild tearless formula baby shampoo is as gentle to the eyes as pure water Our classic No More ..

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