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Ajwain has an intense flavor that hints at both cumin and thyme, with a subtle musty base. Most comm..

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Baking Soda ( meetha soda )

It is a white crystalline chemical compound usually found in powdered form. This white powder is com..

13.00 ₹

black cardamom ( moti elaichi )

Black cardamom is 4 to 6 times the size of the common small cardamom. There are many distinct specie..

625.00 ₹

black pepper( kali Mirch)

Black Pepper (Kali mirch) is native to south India and is used as spice in India since pre-historic ..

200.00 ₹

black salt ( kala namak )

Black salt is a pinkish coloured salt infused with sulfurous herbs and spices. The distinct flavour ..

25.00 ₹

Cardamom ( Elaichi )

Cardamom, is one spice, which is widely used in Indian cuisine, for its amazing taste. Besides, addi..

500.00 ₹

Cinnamon ( Dalchini )

Cinnamon is the inner bark of a tropical evergreen tree. Cinnamon is harvested as strips of bark rol..

125.00 ₹

cloves (laung)

Cloves are the unopened pink flower buds of the evergreen clove tree. The buds are picked by hand wh..

375.00 ₹

Coriander powder ( dhania powder )

Coriander powder is derived from the seeds of the coriander plant. It adds a mild flavour and aroma ..

75.00 ₹

Coriander seed ( dhania saabut )

Coriander is one of the oldest of herbs and spices. The fruit of the coriander plant contains two se..

50.00 ₹

cumin ( zeera )

Cumin is an herb that many associate with Mexican and Spanish foods, but it is also widely used in M..

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Fannel seed ( Saunf )

Fennel seed is a highly aromatic and flavourful herb, derived from a shrub. The seeds are pale green..

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