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Oil / Ghee

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Fortune Goldnut

Refined Groundnut OilIdeal for deep frying as it preserves the natural aroma of the foodSourced from..

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Fortune Groundnut Oil

Filtered Groundnut OilInfused with the rich flavour of peanutsThe extraction of the oil from seeds i..

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Fortune Kachi Ghani

Pure Mustard OilFortune Kachi Ghani is a premium mustard oil that enhances the taste of your food. W..

142.00 ₹

Fortune Mustard Oil

Pure Mustard OilMade from the first press of mustard seeds in the traditional wayThe best mustard se..

142.00 ₹

Fortune Plus Cottonlite

Refined Cottonseed Oil17% less oil absorption as compared to other refined oils in IndiaVery stable ..

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Fortune Plus Soya Health

Refined Soyabean Oil17% less absorption, non-sticky and less smokeInfused with Omega 3 fatty acids, ..

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Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil

Physically Refined Rice Bran OilA revolution in the world of cooking oils, Fortune Rice Bran Health ..

115.00 ₹

Fortune Soya Health Oil

Refined Soyabean OilFortune Soya Health Oil is refined Soyabean oil that is rich in Omega 3. It has ..

100.00 ₹

Fortune Sunlite Oil

Refined Sunflower OilFortune Sunlite Oil is refined sunflower oil that is healthy and tasty. Its hig..

115.00 ₹

Hatsun Cow Ghee

Made with very fine quality of milk collected with great care from Dairy Farms located in places w..

416.00 ₹

Milkfood Ghee

Milkfood Limited specializes in innovative uses of milk. This innovation extends to producing valu..

375.00 ₹

Saffola Gold

Saffola GoldA unique blend of fatty acids to help give you a balance of MUFA and PUFA...

150.00 ₹